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Buying a new car: 5 steps to getting the best price


Dealerships usually do a good job of helping customers find a right vehicle at a fair price but when buying a car make sure to keep your interests up front and center. Follow these tips to save money and get the right car at any Phoenix Chevrolet dealership.

Make sure you do your homework. Stay in control of the buying process by gathering key facts and preliminary pricing quotes on cars of interest. Research different choices and read reviews from multiple sources. Check out the reliability, safety, fuel economy, and pricing of any new Chevy Phoenix models you’re considering. Also make sure to do any test drives before the day the car is going to be purchased. Also if you have a trade-in, know the approximate worth of the vehicle, along with its age, condition, mileage, and equipment.

Don’t assume the sticker price is the purchase price. For the lowest price start with a price that is not based on the sticker price but on how much the dealer paid for the vehicle. The dealer invoice price can usually be found online and in pricing guides. A reasonable price to start negotiations is either 1 to 5 percent over what the dealer paid, depending on the demand for the model. Also keep in mind the price is negotiable to a degree so make sure not to just take the first price thrown out.

Negotiate one thing at a time. Salespeople like to mix financing, leasing, and trade-in negotiations together this may give the dealer more latitude to offer a lower monthly payment and inflate another area of the deal. To avoid this make it clear that having the lowest possible markup available is a priority. Also mentioning you intend to visit other dealerships to ensure the lowest price. Once a price has been settled on then discuss financing, leasing, or a trade-in, as necessary. Negotiate each individual item and remember you’re in charge of what you spend and what you want.

Arrange financing options in advance. Make sure to research what financing option is best ahead of time. Compare interest rates at several banks, credit unions, and loan organizations before checking the dealer’s rates. Automakers often offer attractive financing terms but make sure you are preapproved for them or qualify for them or else you may be stuck getting sucked into a higher interest rate than you could’ve gotten elsewhere.

Finally, don’t pay for extra items you don’t need. There are a number of extra add-ons dealerships may try to sell you such as rustproofing, fabric protection, and paint protection, or push etching your Vehicle Identification Number on your window. Don’t accept these unnecessary services and fees unless you really want or feel like you need them. If these items are on the bill of sale, put a line through them.

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