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The 2013 Chevrolet Volt ups their battery capabilities

The 2013 Chevrolet Volt will be bigger and better. The bigger part refers to the battery; the new battery will be able to go an additional three extra miles when driven solely on the battery. The new battery is not any heavier or larger, just “electrically bigger.”

Volt chief engineer Andrew Farah said improving electrical range was the number one request from customers. Three miles may seem like a minor improvement but it actually is incremental.  Ultimately it enables people to go gasoline-free in their daily driving, those miles add up over a week. Importantly, Farah said that the EPA made no major changes to the test procedures, so it is legit to compare the 2013 MPGe number to earlier ratings.

The extra range can also be attributed to different battery chemistry as well as the size, a 16.5kWh instead of a 16kWh. While the initial increase may seem small, Chevy Volt Phoenix drivers can expect incremental changes in future Volts. Bill Wallace, GM’s director of global battery systems engineering, added that they are constantly researching how to improve the energy storage and power of batteries, and the future looks infinite in possibilities for improving the battery systems.

Outside of the battery other changes in the Volt are minor. There is now an arm rest between the two back seats. A new power gauge in the dash that shows more information about how and where the energy being used is coming from, it displays how much is from the battery and how much is from the gas tank. There is also a collision alert and lane departure warning. The 2013 model will also have additional interior and exterior colors such as pebble beige and silver topaz metallic. Finally there are also all new sport alloy wheels.
The 2013 Volt goes on sale in August. GM said there has been no change in pricing or destination fees compared to 2012 model. For more information on the new Volt check out your Chevrolet Chandler dealer.

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