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What’s the right new vehicle for me?

People buy cars for many reasons; to transport themselves, to transport their families, to buy a collector car, to drive a cool new car, to transport things for work, etc. Add in the needs of comfort and price and the decision becomes even more difficult. With more than 400 cars to choose from, how do you pick the right one for your specific needs and wants?

Take a look at this break down of types of cars available at Phoenix Chevrolet dealerships and determine which car most fulfills your personal preferences and needs.

Coupe/Convertible: This type of car usually has the most expressive designs that will make a statement but their practicality is limited.

Sedan: Sedans are a perfect option for those who have kids or are planning on having children in the future, since four doors are almost a requirement. It also provides an alternative to a large vehicle while offering everyday usability.

Hatchback: when a fifth door is added to a car it usually a hatchback or station wagon, these cars offer additional space while not having so much weight. Hatchbacks have recently picked up a little in popularity among the U.S with manufacturers creating stylish designs; they’ve been extremely popular in Europe for years.

Station Wagons: Similar to hatchbacks, station wagons also usually have five doors and offer attributes of larger cars while remaining smaller. Also similar to hatchbacks this style has been less popular in the past but seems to be drawing appeal with more environmentally conscious consumers.

SUV/Crossover: SUV and crossovers tend to be heavier, taller, and slightly bigger versions of a hatchback or station wagon. They offer power for those who tow regularly or need to get through snow or rough roads. The downside is their fuel-economy, getting very low miles per gallon is almost inevitable with most SUVs and crossovers. They also do have a higher seat position which is a plus for some people, offering increased visibility and an ease of entry and exit.

Minivan: those with large families, or plans of becoming a large family, may turn to the easiness of the van. With room for five or more people, usually easily able to accompany eight passengers, the van is like a jumbo SUV. More cargo space and passenger room offered by vans equates to more comfort but offer little visual aesthetic or driving fun.

After determining which style of vehicle fits your needs head to Freeway Chevrolet to check out the large selection of new Chevrolet models and see which one works best for your lifestyle and needs.

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