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A Chevy Malibu inspired clothing collection, designed by Isaac Mizrahi, is coming soon

Isaac Mizrahi is a well known women’s fashion designer, he is also now the designer behind a fashion line inspired directly from the 2013 Chevy Malibu.

Isaac Mizrahi, host of the Fashion Show and judge on Project Runway, may be most well known for his popular line with Target. Mizrahi is heading on a four-city tour with a Chevrolet Malibu, to gather ideas for the upcoming collection from real women in New York City, Chicago, Miami and Los Angeles. The designs created will be available to buy in limited quantities on; pricing is yet to be announced.

“I’ve always kind of been inspired by beautiful objects and I think the car is incredibly beautiful,” Mizrahi said. “I always get inspired; I always focus in on ones who resonate ‘smart style’, smart and stylish choices” he continued.

While this isn’t the first time a designer has partnered with an automaker, Bill Blass worked with Ford Motor Co. and Fiat partnered with Gucci, Isaac Mizrahi hopes his work will stand out with a lot of color and a unique design. The Malibu’s exterior lines, taillights, and ice-blue ambient lighting inside the cabin have already caught his eye. He hopes to incorporate the trademark blue color a lot into the design.

With women buying slightly more than half the cars sold in the U.S and participating in 80 percent of family car buying decisions, Chevy has included several features in the Malibu designed exclusively by women engineers. These features include: aerodynamics and exterior lines to boost fuel economy, and technology to make the vehicle quieter and ensure they’re compatible with child safety seats. Chevy hopes the Malibu Collection will connect with Phoenix Chevrolet women on another level, whether their 65 or 25.

Chevy says the Malibu customer is very smart, very savvy, and they don’t want to skimp on design, they want to indulge. The collection’s look may target a woman in her mid-30s, but Mizrahi said it’ll relate to all ages — women who want a more sophisticated look and women who are young-spirited. Making the partnership with Mizrahi the perfect fit, they are expected to blend well together.

The new U.S-made Malibu is GM’s first global midsize sedan and starts at just $23,150. The Malibu is now available at Freeway Chevrolet.

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