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Corvette 60th Anniversary edition

The year 2012 marks two major milestones for the Chevy Corvette: the 100th anniversary of the Chevrolet brand, as well as the 60th anniversary of the Corvette model.  Even after six decades, the iconic Chevrolet supercar still leads the industry with its innovation and instantly recognizable features.

First introduced in 1953, the Corvette has since set the standard for American-made supercars.  Now in its sixth official generation and counting, the Corvette has broken new ground in the way sports cars are developed, built, and driven.  The upcoming seventh-genration C7, slated for production for the 2014 model year, will continue that trend, although Chevrolet’s engineers have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that the new model’s appearance and specifications are kept secret until the C7 is revealed to the Phoenix Chevrolet public.

In the interim, Corvette lovers can still enjoy the sixth generation models, including a commemorative 60th Anniversary Corvette.  Car and Driver describes the 60th Anniversary package as being filled with primarily aesthetic options – Arctic White paint, blue leather seats, and blue racing stripes along the length of the car are all present.  In addition, plenty of limited edition 60th Anniversary badges abound, ensuring that no observer will ever wonder whether the 60th Anniversary Corvette is a special edition.

The 60th Anniversary package is available on every 2013 Corvette model, meaning that you can celebrate the milestone whether you prefer a coupe or a convertible.  Everything that makes the Corvette unique, from its aggressive styling to its equally ferocious sub-4.2 second 0-60 miles per hour times at every trim level in spite of 26 miles per gallon fuel efficiency.

Little imagination is required to understand why the Corvette has lasted sixty years and counting – visit Freeway Chevrolet today to see one of the world’s greatest sports cars for yourself.