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Those looking for a large vehicle, with lots of space for people and storage, will love the redesigned 2015 Chevy Tahoe. A new engine, interior features and fold-in-the-floor second- and third-row seats with keep this powerhouse SUV a popular choice among families and consumers who tow vehicles.

Based on the Chevy Silverado chassis, the new Tahoe comes with a new grille, full-width bumper and rounded front end for better aerodynamics. Headlights that extend into the front fender match those of older sibling Suburban, and the entire front end is definitely features a “Like a Rock” Chevy feel.

Large SUVs are never known for their mpg rating; the 2015 Tahoe may change that when it rolls into your Phoenix Chevy dealer in January 2014. The engine is a new 5.3L small block V8 that delivers 355hp and 383 lb-ft of torque and uses efficiency-boosting tech such as direct fuel injection, Active Fuel Management cylinder deactivation and variable valve timing. Although not yet EPA rated, expect the mpg’s to improve over the 2014 Tahoe’s 15mpg/city-21mpg/highway rating. Towing capacity is rated at 8,500 pounds, and the Tahoe will be available with four-wheel drive.

Interior appointments include upgraded upholstery,  a slanted dash,  and doors that are inlaid into the bodysides, which should result in a quieter interior space while traveling at highway speed. Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system and 8-inch touchscreen are available, as are up to six USB ports and power outlets, keyless entry and pushbutton start. And no more removing the third-row seat from the vehicle for more cargo room: The 2015 Tahoe’s second and third row seats fold flat into the floor and feature an available power-folding option.

An impressive palette of new safety features also have been added; these include a front-seat center airbag, forward collision alert, lane-departure warning, lane-change assist, rear cross-traffic alert and adaptive cruise control. Big Chevy SUVs are popular targets for thieves – GM has responded by equipping the new Tahoe with new technology such as window breakage sensors and vertical/interior movement sensors that will disable key systems and prevent the vehicle from starting or rolling.

Check back on the Freeway Chevrolet website for pricing, mpg estimates and a release date for the 2015 Chevy Tahoe.

Chevy Hyrid


It is no secret that Hybrid vehicles will save you money at the pump, but many consumers fear they’ll lose these savings down the line on car repairs or replacing dead hybrid batteries. The truth is, no battery lasts forever, even advanced rechargeables like those in hybrid cars. After a certain amount of electron traffic in and out of its cells, a battery loses its ability to hold enough charge. But the question remains: How long will it last? Sadly, there is no perfect answer, just as there is no way to say exactly how long your transmission will last.

There are several different strategies for hybrid power. A hybrid might switch off the conventional engine at a stop and substitute electric propulsion for a certain distance, ranging from across the intersection to across town. It might switch off the engine at a stop and then bring it to life again when it’s time to go, saving a little bit of fuel. It might add an electric assist to a small engine under acceleration, or shut down the engine while coasting down a hill. Hybrid now means a greater range of performance alternatives, so it’s important to understand what you’re paying for and what you’re getting in return.

The most important question has to do with the calculation of the length of time it will take cheaper running costs to match the increased purchase cost, which might range from several years to decades depending on fuel prices. In terms of warranties, car dealers like Freeway Chevrolet typically offer longer coverage for the hybrid-specific components (typically about 8 years), so you’re covered if something goes wrong with the batteries or electric motor.  The cost of replacing a battery pack also varies, although it’s not as expensive as consumers once feared.

For more information on hybrid technology, visit a Phoenix Chevy dealer.