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Chevrolet Introduces 4G LTE, In Cars This Summer

With mobile data usage on the rise, and far from subsiding anytime soon, it was only a matter of time before automakers began turning their cars into mobile data hotspots.

We’ve all been listening to a streaming radio service when it would have to buffer, totally killing the mood on any morning commute. Mobile data usage is only going to increase and Chevrolet is on the cutting edge of offering its customers the best service possible.

Chevrolet, which announced plans to rig 4G LTE wireless connections to its cars last year, has finally detailed which 2015 models will receive the new, exciting technology. Expect the entire new Chevy inventory to offer 4G LTE in the coming years.

Chevrolet also introduced a suite of new apps at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that work in unison with the 4G LTE in-car technology. For the latest on Chevrolet and its 4G LTE network, visit Freeway Chevy today.

AT&T will be providing the wireless connectivity. The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Volt are the first to receive the connections. The Equinox, Silverado and Spark will follow shortly thereafter. You can check the latest new Chevy inventory by stopping by our exquisite showroom.

The connection, which doesn’t require a mobile phone for Internet access, opens up a host of technological possibilities.

Also unveiled was the creation of the AppShop. This is a store filled with widgets deigned specifically to be downloaded to the car. Some apps shown include NPR, The Weather Channel, Slacker Radio and others. Even though the apps are free, users will need to sign up for a data plan.

Thanks to the apps living within the car’s infotainment system, Chevrolet says there should be fewer user-experience headaches. This new technology could eventually allow cars to easily communicate to each other for a slew of cool possibilities and traffic management.

For more information when you can buy a 4G LTE Chevrolet, contact Freeway Chevy today.

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College students know how to pinch pennies. Ramen noodles, dollar draws and hand-me-down futons are commonplace at colleges and universities nationwide. And when your Dad’s old sedan that you’ve been driving since freshman year finally gives out after dozens of road trips and hundreds of thousands of miles, the cost of a new car can be terrifying.

Luckily, Chevrolet offers a discount program on new vehicles for current students and recent grads to keep those hard-earned dollars where they belong – in your wallet! The discount program even covers graduate and nursing students and recent graduates, which means new professionals and non-traditional students can take advantage as well. Eligible buyers are anyone who can show either current enrollment in an associate, undergraduate, nursing or graduate degree program OR supply a diploma dated no more than two years prior from an associate, undergraduate, nursing or graduate degree program.

The discount program applies to most new 2013 or 2014 model-year Chevy, GM and Buick vehicles. The total of your discount will vary. It is the total model and options invoice amount on all eligible GM vehicles plus destination fees and a $150 program fee. It’s listed on the vehicle invoice as “SUPPLR” – just ask your sales associate at the Chevrolet dealership to show you. In most cases, this discount can be applied on top of current incentives and it can also be combined with the GM Mobility program for adaptive equipment.

Freeway Chevrolet proudly participates in this discount program, so when you come in to take a look at vehicles and find the one that’s the best fit for you, please tell the dealer. We’re happy to help current students and new grads find a perfect new car and ensure you get the discount you deserve. Being a frugal college student doesn’t have to mean settling for a used or unsafe vehicle.