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If you live in or visited any part of Phoenix last week, you don’t have to be a sports fan to notice the Super Bowl was in town. Of course, with the Super Bowl comes the widely anticipated commercials. Automakers are part of the plethora of companies to take part in this American institution and don’t seem to fall short when it comes to memorable Super Bowl moments. This year’s commercials were as great as ever, but let’s take a glance at some of the most memorable Chevrolet Super Bowl commercials.

1. In the 2012 Chevy Volt commercial, Chevrolet managed to be both entertaining and informative. This commercial featured a group of aliens that seem to be confused about the Chevy Volt and how it works. The gentleman sums it up for them (again.) Chevrolet does a great job at tying up the commercial with a bit of humor by adding a quick innuendo of discomfort from the ogling extraterrestrials. So beware folks, if you purchase a Chevy Volt from our Phoenix Chevy dealer, you may just get some interesting intergalactic visitors!

2012 – Chevy Volt Aliens Super Bowl XLVI Ad

2. For a while there, Glee was everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. So, it makes sense that the widely known show would make an appearance in the 2011 Super Bowl commercial line up. Of course, you either love or hate Glee, but it was a smooth move for Chevrolet to team up and utilize the show’s popularity to their advantage.

2011 – Glee Promo – Chevrolet – Super Bowl XLV Ad

3. 2012 was a big year for the “end of the world” hype. Chevrolet hops on the bandwagon by putting an entertaining spin on surviving a catastrophic event with a Chevy Silverado. With a quick jab at Ford, the characters remind you that those who didn’t “make it,” weren’t driving the “longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road.” Conclusion: If you purchase a Chevy Silverado from Freeway Chevrolet, you may just survive an apocalypse!

2012 – Chevy Silverado Super Bowl XLVI Ad

4. Both exciting and entertaining, 2011’s Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial was action packed and touching with a witty conversation between the narrators walking you through the whole commercial. With subtle hints that Camaro’s are exciting, sporty and great for those doubling as a secret agent, Chevrolet does a great job at reminding it’s audience that a Camaro is suitable for everyone- even a sweet school teacher!

2011 – Chevrolet Camaro Super Bowl XLV Ad

5. A yellow and black Camaro just isn’t complete unless accompanied by a Transformers reference. Many would agree that Bumblebee owns the car/color combination and was a great idea for Chevrolet’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial. With an entertaining reaction to the mascot’s attempt at “damaging” his exterior, Bumblebee puts on a great show, then quickly converts back to the sleek, appealing form of the Chevy Camaro. Note to self, unless you want to get tossed in the air, treat your yellow and black Chevy Camaro with kindness!

2011 -Chevrolet Camaro Superbowl XLV Ad