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Program Honoring Soldiers Runs Through June

General Motors is extending its military discount to all past and present service members through June 30. This special pricing program allows any active or separated soldier to present papers and receive a huge discount that works with any other active savings programs. Military members can either go into a GM or Chevrolet dealership, like Freeway Chevrolet, to figure out exactly how much the discount will be, or use the GM Military Discount Web Page. First build your vehicle online, and then the calculator will show your savings.

Available on Trucks, Crossovers and SUVs

“At a time when more Americans have been buying trucks, crossovers and SUVs, it is a privilege to have the opportunity to make a GMC vehicle more attainable to the men and women who have served this country,” said Duncan Aldred, GMC VP. Ever since the program was first designed in 2008, military members and veterans have taken advantage of deep discounts to obtain high quality family vehicles at prices that represent GM’s commitment to recognizing a soldier’s sacrifice. More than 40,000 active and retired service members used the discount last year alone.

GM has Long History with Military

When GM first started replacing horse-drawn wagons with trucks during World War I, it began a relationship of providing vehicles for military members that continues to this day. GMC worked with all the Allies during World War II to deliver $1.5 billion worth of vehicles panning 59 contracts. GM’s “Duck” vehicles provided an innovative way to transport troops and equipment over both water and land. These vehicles have been repurposed for tourism activities in waterfront locations.

Chevy Also Offers Military Discount

In honor of June as Military Appreciation Month, Chevrolet is also offering a Military Discount on all eligible vehicles. All you have to do is go to a dealership like Freeway Chevrolet or register online if you are on active duty, a retiree or in the reserves to get your discount. This discount is also available with all other incentives, which can add up to substantial discounts on the Chevrolet of your dreams. The discount comes with Chevrolet Complete Care, a program that provides all regular maintenance for your new vehicle for 24,000 miles or 24 months. Chevrolet also supports the military in other ways, including financial assistance for the Achilles Freedom Team and by working closely with the Cell Phones for Soldiers foundation.


Honor Wounded Soldier with Malibu

In order to celebrate the delivery of General Motors’ 500th million vehicle, GM executives recently donated a “key” to a new 2016 Malibu to Iran war veteran Trent Brining to thank him for his service. Brining received a Purple Heart after he was hit by a grenade while on patrol near Baghdad. He has received 23 surgeries to his arms and legs. The new Malibus aren’t in production yet, but will be delivered to Brining later this year about the time they show up at Freeway Chevrolet. He is one of five lucky customers who will receive a new GM vehicle in honor of the company moving half a billion units.

GM Proves Customers are King

During the ceremony celebrating the 500th million sale, GM took the opportunity to highlight loyal customers around the world. Video snippets included:

  • A Minnesota retiree who bought a 1957 Chevy pickup from a farmer for $75 more than 38 years ago and still drives it every day.
  • A woman from Brazil who was born in the front seat of a Chevy and who remains a customer.
  • A Chinese man who so loved his Chevy Cruz that he retrofitted to match his own style. He then started a business helping others give their cars a personal statement.

Loyal customers are being rewarded with tickets to auto shows and owner-only gatherings.

Selling 1,000 Vehicles Per Hour

General Motors CEO Mary Barra said she expects the company to have a record year. “During 2015, we expect to sell more than 1,000 new vehicles per hour, 24 hours a day,” she said. That would add up to more than 10 million vehicles sold in one year, which would be the most in GM history. To keep up with demand, GM will be investing in its infrastructure, including more than $170 million in the Fairfax Kansas Assembly plant to build the new Malibu. The company said it will spend $5.4 billion during the next 36 months to improve plants for all its vehicles, including more than $780 million in the state of Michigan. The development is meant to keep up with the push to keep the cars flowing through your Phoenix Chevy dealer.

GM Source of Many Auto Innovations

The people behind GM have introduced many new features to the auto world since the company was founded in 1908. Along with the first automatic transmission, the company also built the first V-8 and utilized the first crash dummies to incorporate the industry’s first air bags. The new Malibu also has a first; a feature called Teen Driver will store data and show parents exactly how their teenagers are driving when alone on the road.


For the 20- and 30-something-year-old millennials, the good old days when Chevy’s muscle cars and family sedans dominated car sales might as well be something out of a history book, situated alongside tales of Marco Polo and the Wright Brothers’ initial flight. Millennials weren’t alive in the 1950s and 60s, but were instead born on the tail end of a time when American automakers were suffering from poor design, gas guzzling engines and market share losses to foreign automakers. Millennials were more likely to have a Japanese or European import in their parent’s driveway than a car from Detroit, which is why Chevrolet is making a staunch effort to connect with these young car buyers through social media. Your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Freeway Chevrolet, is ready and available to help young buyers purchase their first Chevy.

There’s an App for That

Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Vine, Chevrolet is taking advantage of all avenues to promote its product line with young buyers. “It’s important to incorporate a playful, but authentic tone,” said Mallory Woodrow, social media manager for Chevrolet. “We try to customize our messages to be brief, especially on some of the newer platforms.” One example of a recent push to promote Chevrolets is a sweepstakes through Instagram that resulted in seats at the Country Music Awards.

Promoting Specific Product Lines

Most of the buyers of the Chevy Spark, Sonic and Cruze come from the millennial age group (35 and under). Coincidentally or not, more than a third of the people who buy those cars are first-time Chevrolet buyers. Most of Chevrolet’s promotion through social media is designed to get millennials to consider that product line as it includes energy-efficient vehicles that are at a reasonable price point. The promotion of the all-new 2016 Camaro included the simple hashtag “#six,” because the new model is the sixth generation of the popular pony car.

Trax Campaign Features Hidden Gems

Chevy used social media effectively to introduce the new Trax with a campaign it called “Hidden Gems.” Using what they call “social media influencers” to post data to different platforms, Chevy effectively explored locations off the beaten path in major cities to build interest in the new vehicle. Once a social media post piques your interest, Freeway Chevrolet invites you to examine the new Chevrolets and see why the American automakers are back to the glory years of the good old days.