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Adventurers Count on Silverado in Arizona’s Badlands


Couple Leaves Work Behind to Explore

At some point in their lives, most people have the urge to just quit their job and leave the stress and monotony behind. The difference between most people and the team of Mark Christy and Nives Riddles is that most people get over the urge and end up going to work the next day. Christy and Riddles, a TV production tech and makeup artist, finally had enough of the daily stress and sold all their belongings. They took the money, built a little camp trailer and bought a dependable Chevrolet Silverado to take them to the badlands of Arizona.

Started with a Grand Canyon Hike

During a wedding in Arizona, the couple hiked the Grand Canyon. They fell in love with the natural beauty of the gorge and the incredible peace and quiet. “We both had that moment of not wanting to go back. We wanted to stay until we were sick of it,” Christy said. They did go back to their jobs in Philadelphia, but it wasn’t long until they just couldn’t stand it anymore and started the wheels in motion to become adventurers. They chronicle their adventures on the blog, Camp by Camp.

Chose Silverado for Towing Power

According to their blog, the couple originally started with a Toyota FJ Cruiser but it didn’t have enough power to tow through the challenging Arizona trails. They moved up to the ¾ ton Chevrolet Silverado and have had no problems exploring the backwoods and mountain ranges of the sunshine state. “The truck has gotten us everywhere we wanted to go,” Christy said. “It’s completely stock and has yet to leave us bogged down or stranded.” If you are planning some backroad adventures of your own, check out the lineup of 4x4s at Freeway Chevrolet.

Plan Met With Varying Degrees of Enthusiasm

Although their plan to drop out of the corporate world found some support among friends and family, others treated the news with a raised eyebrow. The couple has been pleasantly surprised with the number of people in the wild willing to offer a helping hand when needed. “It feels so different from the city, where it feels like people are out to get you,” Christy said. “Out here, people are so helpful.” Having sold all their belongings, the pair has nothing to go back home for so their plans are fluid. They plan to continue the adventure until they don’t want to anymore.

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