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Maybe Not as Often as You’re Advised

If you take your car to a less reputable oil change establishment that offers extreme discounts, chances are they are going to find other services that “need” doing on every visit. Whether it’s an air filter replacement or a transmission fluid exchange, it’s important to know the manufacturer’s expected maintenance intervals so you don’t end up paying out the nose for unnecessary services. The experts at Freeway Chevrolet know exactly when you need additional services and won’t try to sell you unnecessary repairs. This Chevrolet Service Center keeps detailed records of all your services, and can even let you know if your vehicle has any recalls they need to address.

Like Oil, Transmission Fluid Deteriorates

Depending on how you drive your car and the conditions you drive under, you may need a transmission fluid exchange as often as every 50,000 miles. Under lighter conditions, the fluid can last as long as 150,000 miles. Rabbit starts and stops, heavy towing and extreme heat all can hasten the deterioration of the fluid. Transmission fluid starts out as a burgundy red, but turns much darker when it starts to go bad. You can often smell a burnt odor if you put your nose close to the dipstick. If you see traces of dirt on the dipstick, it is definitely time for a change.

Feel Free to Shop Around

Just because a mechanic tells you it’s time to change the transmission fluid doesn’t mean your car is going to stop working in the next couple of days. Unless you feel comfortable with your service facility, feel free to shop around for price. Give the folks at the Chevrolet Service Center at Freeway Chevrolet a chance to earn your business and become your repair facility of choice. Some vehicles require a power flush, which forces the old fluid out before pumping in new elixir. Other vehicles simply require the fluid to be drained, much like an oil change.

Transmission Fluid Exchange Not a Magical Cure

If your automatic transmission is slipping or shifting roughly, it certainly won’t hurt to have a fluid exchange, but don’t expect it to magically fix your problems. The cost of an automatic transmission rebuild can be in the thousands of dollars, so treat your car gently and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on when to get that new fluid. A properly maintained automatic transmission can easily last 200,000 miles or more.


Initial Quality Review Has Four Chevys on Top

Based on responses from more than 86,000 purchasers in a survey conducted by noted research firm J.D. Powers, Chevrolet has the most cars of any automaker in the top three positions of the Initial Quality survey. The Chevrolet Malibu, Equinox, Spark and Silverado LD each captured the highest ranking in their respective categories. Other Chevys in the top three included the Sonic, Camaro, Impala, Traverse, Silverado HD and the Tahoe. “We are constantly challenging ourselves to bring to market the highest quality products for our customers, regardless of the type of vehicle they purchase,” said Alan Batey, president of global Chevrolet. “Quality studies like this one tell us we are moving in the right direction.”

Customers Show Quality Results in Sales

Not surprisingly, the sales numbers for May show that consumers are responding to the outstanding quality of Chevrolet vehicles. From a year ago, May sales show that the Equinox was up 30 percent, Malibu rose 11 percent, Silverado LD was 11 percent higher and Silverado HD was up 6 percent. Surveys were taken after 90 days of ownership with the intent of providing automakers information that could quickly head off any problems. See the results of attention to detail for yourself by taking a test drive of any of the Chevy vehicles at your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Freeway Chevrolet.

Malibu Weight Reduction Improves Performance

Along with paying attention to every detail in terms of quality, Chevrolet put the Malibu on a weight loss program that results in better efficiency and handling. By dropping nearly 300 pounds from the previous model year, the standard Malibu increased its highway fuel consumption numbers to 37 mpg, while the Hybrid gets 48 mpg in the city. Much of the weight loss is due to a new body composition that uses thinner high-grade steel. The structure is just as protective in the event of a crash. Additional use of aluminum, a lighter engine and lighter finishing components also helped bring the Malibu weight down.

Robots Test Traverse Seats to Improve Quality

When Chevrolet engineers decided to put the Traverse seats to the ultimate test of real world driving for a mid-size SUV, they knew they had their work cut out for them. Seats are used for sitting, of course, but they are also used to carry boxes, as a makeshift desk and sometimes to stand on or walk over. By using robotic technology, Chevy ran through up to 50,000 different entry and exit cycles that was the equivalent of more than 10 years of use. “It was mandatory for us to maintain the quality of the mechanism of the seat but at the same time enable passengers, especially younger ones, to access the third-row seats,” said engineer Marco Zaccagnini. The result is a comfortable and durable seat that won’t break down after extended uses. Sit in a Traverse and feel how it safely cradles you and your precious cargo with a trip to Freeway Chevrolet.