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Chevrolet Leading Way in Safety Technology


Twenty-Two Crash Technologies Offered

When the 2016 models roll out to the showroom floor at Freeway Chevrolet, expect to see a lot of new safety features designed to help you avoid collisions. General Motors engineers have been busy at their new 52-acre safety test facility near Detroit putting the finishing touches on features that can avoid collisions and even save lives. “Our comprehensive safety strategy of helping customers before, during and after a crash continues,” said Jeff Boyer, GM Global Safety vice president. “GM has historically been a leader in the development and testing of safety technologies, and applying our deep knowledge and expertise to prevent crashes from happening in the first place.”

Sensor-related Safety Features Give Advance Warning

Two new safety features involve sensors to both make the driver aware of a possible collision and take control of the car. City speed automatic braking kicks in if your vehicle is in heavy traffic at low speeds and it determines a front-end collision is about to happen. It automatically hits the brakes if you haven’t already done so to either lessen the severity of the crash or avoid the collision completely. Front pedestrian braking utilizes sensors to recognize a pedestrian in danger’s way and automatically apply the brakes.

Cameras Provide Heightened Awareness

Whether it’s the rear camera mirror, the curb view camera or night vision safety feature, the intent is to give the driver more awareness of what’s going on both in front and to the rear of the vehicle. The camera in the rear view mirror provides a much wider view than the traditional mirror, alerting you to possible obstacles coming in from the side. Night vision comes in handy when out on long dark roads to give a vision of what’s going on beyond your headlights. The curb view camera comes in handy when driving forward at low speeds, particularly when parking. It helps you avoid curbs, light posts, mail boxes and other obstacles. See all the safety features for yourself when cars start arriving at your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Freeway Chevrolet, this fall.

New Safety Test Facility Coordinates Efforts

The new GM test facility is creating efficiencies by providing safety testing for all vehicles in one convenient location. It features a 16-acre dynamics pad with robot technology, six-lane highway simulation including on and off ramps, parking test area, pedestrian test area, simulated tunnel and observation building. The new facility is also used for governmental regulatory testing, ensuring all GM vehicles are up to code with the latest safety requirements.

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