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K-9 Teams Prefer Chevrolet Tahoe

The ability to take the heat off hard-working police dogs makes the Chevrolet Tahoe PPV the country’s most popular police vehicle for K-9 units.

Roominess and Climate Control Contributing Factors

If you think all those black Tahoes filled with FBI agents and Secret Service officers in the movies are just a bunch of Hollywood hooey, think again. Police officers across the country, and particularly K-9 units, love the Tahoe Police Patrol Vehicle (PPV) for every day tasks. Because of its large size and ability to keep the entire vehicle at a comfortable temperature, both officers and dogs are kept comfortable while working in stressful situations. “Our K-9s live with our deputies and their families. They are on duty with our deputies every day – responding to calls for service, training and creating an unbreakable bond,” according to Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard of Oakland County, Michigan. “The K-9 Unit is an invaluable tool that serves our community and the Tahoe PPV is an important part of our operation.”

Tahoe PPV Has Special Cooling Setup

Dogs can become ill or tired when subjected to heat for a long period of time, so the special PPV version of the Chevy Tahoe has more heating and cooling vents than any other vehicle of its kind. Dogs are frequently put back in their kennels in the vehicle after a long chase, so it’s important that their body temperature can be brought back to normal. According to the North American Police Dog Association, heat exhaustion is one of the top threats to the health of police dogs. Only the pads of skin on their feet allow heat to escape, so extra cooling is vitally important. As the Tahoe is the perfect vehicle for K-9s, it’s also the right choice for large families who enjoy going on long trips. Adjustable climate control keeps everyone comfortable from the front to the back as you can see with a test drive at Freeway Chevrolet.

Chevy Has Full Lineup of Police Vehicles

Along with the Chevy Tahoe PPV, Chevrolet has a complete lineup of special police vehicles that are in use across the nation. The Caprice and Impala are used as patrol cars in many local and state government situations. The Caprice has more interior room than any other patrol car, and the Impala gets outstanding gas mileage while still having a top speed of 150 miles per hour. Specially equipped Silverado trucks are used to answer the call in many rugged situations, and the Chevy Express full-size van is the answer to most cargo or passenger hauling needs. Out of all these vehicles, only the Caprice is not available for public purchase.

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