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Alaska Bush Workers Swear by Chevy Trucks

ASRC Energy Services deploys employees and Chevy trucks across the state of Alaska to monitor oilfield exploration and construction to ensure regulatory standards are properly followed.

Dependability is Key for Remote Areas

When the crew rom ASRC Energy Services in Alaska goes out into the field, it’s important they have a vehicle they know won’t let them down. That’s why the company exclusively uses Chevrolet trucks to help employees monitor oil fields and energy-related construction activities in some of the most remote country imaginable. “Our fleet vehicles double as mobile offices for the majority of our employees, so we need to give them dependable vehicles for where they work,” said the general manager of ASRC fleet vehicles, Chris Maynard. The terrain can vary greatly from heavily wooded areas to frozen tundra, with no help around for many miles. You can see the complete lineup of trucks for yourself at your Phoenix Chevy dealer, Freeway Chevrolet.

Three-truck Strategy Pays Off

ASRC teams have many functions, from reporting to maintenance, so they rely on a variety of trucks from Chevrolet. They remove the tires from the Colorado so the truck can fit in an airplane and be transported to the more remote reaches of Alaska. Light duty tasks incorporate the half-ton Silverado to haul the management team and clients to project sites, while the Silverado HD 2500 and 3500 trucks are used for working operations all over Alaska. “We build our trucks with companies like Arctic Slope in mind,” said John Schwegman of GM. “Their employees don’t have time to worry about how the vehicle will operate when the weather is 40 degrees below zero.” Maynard said GM is Johnny-on-the-spot when it comes to service issues. “The Alaska market is pretty small, but GM looks at every sale as one of importance, so even the smallest problem gets special focus from a GM engineer.”

Colorado and Silverado Hot Commodities in Arizona

Even though the Arizona desert provides a 180-degree opposite challenge for vehicles, the Colorado and Silverado trucks are hot sellers in the desert. For fuel mileage and handling medium-sized loads, it’s tough to beat the Colorado, which was Motor Trend’s “Truck of the Year” for 2015. The Silverado comes in a number of configurations, from a standard work truck to the decked out LTZ, where the interior is reminiscent of a luxurious sedan. Both the Colorado and Silverado offer the latest in technology, including Wi-Fi 4G LTE to help keep you connected no matter how far you are from civilization. Test drive the trucks by visiting Freeway Chevrolet.

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