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Capability and Driver Enjoyment Two Key Reasons for Win

When “Motor Trend” magazine named the Chevrolet Colorado as its “Truck of the Year” for 2015, it was a significant accomplishment. Competition was fierce from such well-known stalwarts from Ford, Dodge and Toyota. Even the Colorado’s big brother, the Silverado, had much better name recognition and a solid history as one of America’s Big Three trucks. Now that the Colorado has claimed the award for a second straight year, the editors of Motor Trend say that they just couldn’t ignore the midsize truck’s performance, efficiency and the fact that it is just a joy to drive. Head over to Freeway Chevrolet for a test-drive and see why the Colorado is turning the truck world on its proverbial ear.

Smaller Size Improves Handling and Gas Mileage

Although the Colorado is by no means a dwarf, it is smaller and lighter than most pickups. It’s about the same size as the Toyota Tacoma, but outperforms the Japanese import in terms of both acceleration and braking. The Colorado is also the only midsize truck to offer a diesel option, which provides plenty of torque for towing or just slogging up rough trails. A great attention to sound deadening, as well as interior fit and finish, helps the Colorado keep the rattling of the diesel on the outside where it belongs. The truck’s diesel exhaust brake system helps drivers maintain control on sharp descents without wearing out the breaks.

Highway Fuel Efficiency Delivers 32 MPG

Although the EPA hasn’t released figures for the diesel engine, Motor Trend’s exhaustive tests show the truck delivers numbers more appropriate for a small sedan. The editors say the truck scored 31.4 mpg on the highway and 23.2 mpg in city driving. That adds up to a combined 26.3 mpg, which would have seemed laughable for any truck just a few years ago. You do have to pay about $3,730 extra for the diesel engine, but Motor Trend says that the savings add up to make it a good buy.

Overall Design is Best in Class

The Motor Trend editors love the design of the Chevrolet Colorado, both inside and out. Crisp, clean lines, tightly fitting panels and an aggressive stance all say that this is a truck of which to be wary. The interior features superior ergonomics and quality materials that provide a comfortable experience whether you’re on a long road trip or crawling up switchbacks in the mountains. All in all, Chevy has hit a home run with the Colorado once again. See it for yourself with a trip to Freeway Chevrolet.

Leveraging the strength, versatility and personalization possibilities of the 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Chevrolet teamed up with camo hunting gear company Realtree® and Michael Waddell – the star of Outdoor Channel’s The Bone Collector™ – to collaborate on the ultimate outdoor adventure vehicle.

Custom Adventure Truck Featured at SEMA

When the automotive world gets together at the yearly SEMA show in Las Vegas, manufacturers are expected to produce wild, wacky and far out concept vehicles from their standard production models. The Chevrolet Silverado got the full adventure treatment when the automaker teamed up with the Realtree outdoor gear company and Michael Waddell, who hosts the Outdoor Channel’s “Bone Collector” show. The result was a concept vehicle that will go anywhere you want, or don’t want, to go. “This Silverado concept is the perfect outdoor lifestyle vehicle, offering the capability to take you deep into the woods and mountains, with the specialty gear to make the excursion more successful,” according to Waddell. You can’t buy this Bone Collector, but there are plenty of off-road Silverados ready to test drive at Freeway Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Aftermarket Accessories Add to Capabilities

The Chevrolet Silverado is one of the more popular vehicles to add aftermarket Chevrolet accessories. The Bone Collector took advantage of all that’s available, with 22-inch aluminum wheels, front brush bar, steps and a sport bar with LED lights so you can see where you’re going when the trail gets dark. Realtree provided the camo paint scheme that also features Waddell’s signature. The vehicle has upgraded brakes to help keep control on those long, slippery descents. On the inside, sill plates, ambient lights and a storage system for under the seats all came from the Chevrolet Accessory market. One of the purposes of creating the concept is to show what a person can do with a little imagination and a few dollars. “They demonstrate what’s possible through personalization, inspiration, and the assurance of the industry’s most dependable, longest lasting full size trucks,” said Sandor Piszar, Chevy marketing director.

Available Silverado Offers Plenty of Capability

The Bone Collector concept is based off a standard 2016 Silverado pickup with a 6.2-liter V8, which you can buy off the lot at Freeway Chevrolet. That package offer the most horsepower (420) in its class and can tow up to 12,000 pounds, or just about the biggest horse trailer you can imagine. Chevy is recording all the opinions it receives about the Bone Collector, so there’s a chance that a similar special edition might some day make it to the production line. If not, this adventure truck is sure to inspire some more aftermarket accessories that will go well on whatever Silverado you choose.