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It’s a Hatchback! No, It’s a Pizza Oven

The next time you look out the window in anticipation of a pizza delivery, don’t be surprised if the driver is behind the wheel of a Chevy Spark. Domino’s, one of the nation’s largest pizza chains, has chosen the sporty and fuel-efficient Spark as the basis for the specially build Domino’s Delivery Expert (DXP) vehicle. As just another innovation from the pizza chain, the DXP provides maneuverability in tight city traffic as well as excellent gas mileage, both important in the food delivery business.

Spark ‘Perfect Vehicle’ for Pizza Delivery

“The Chevrolet Spark is the perfect vehicle to bring our pizza delivery to life,” according to Russell Weiner, Domino’s president. “Not only will the DXP have a warming oven on board and enough storage capacity to hold 80 pizzas in the rear, but the fuel efficiency is something our franchisees welcome.” Production models of the Spark don’t come with a warming oven, but the compact vehicle is perfect for commuters or people who need the ability to combat urban traffic congestion. Take a trip to Freeway Chevrolet and see just how much fun these little cars are to drive.

Crowd Funding Project Creates DXP

The DXP came to existence through the Domino’s Ultimate Delivery Challenge, a crowd funded exercise designed to create the best vehicle for pizza drivers. Dealers, like Freeway Chevrolet, will receive special training on how to service this unusual fleet once vehicles are delivered to their part of the country. Some DXPs are already in service, with the remainder of the rollout happening through next year. “We love to see fleets use our vehicles in new and innovative ways,” said GM Fleet vice president Ed Peper. “This partnership between Chevrolet and Domino’s demonstrates the versatility, technology and performance our vehicles can deliver – n a literal sense in this case – to fleets across America.”

2015 Spark Models on Sale Now

Freeway Chevrolet is having a big sale on the 2015 Spark models during the holiday season. Find a Chevy holiday bonus tag on a Spark and get up to $1,500 cash allowance. The Chevy Spark is not only fun to drive, it’s fun to look at. This sporty little hatchback comes in eight colors like Denim, Lime and Lemonade. It’s 1.4-liter engine provides plenty of pop and delivers 39 miles per gallon on the highway. If you like to put a car through its paces, choose the sporty 6-speed transmission, or if slow and steady is your pace, an automatic is also available.