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sliverado hd

Heavy Duty Chevy Tows Up to Nine Tons

Nine tons is a lot of weight, but for those who need a workhorse to haul a whole herd of horses, the Silverado 2500 HD equipped with the Duramax Diesel is the truck of choice. The 6.6-liter turbo-diesel V8 has a cast-iron block that is engineered to handle the stress needed to move large loads. The engine creates an amazing 765 foot pounds of torque, which comes in handy when you’re trying to move those horses up a steep incline. Features like a forged steel crankshaft ensures your engine will hold up to whatever you require, not matter the weather or road conditions. Check out the Chevrolet Silverado HD and all it can do at Freeway Chevrolet.

Driver Assistance Features Help Control Your Load

As anyone who has towed anything can attest, sometimes a trailer has a mind of its own. Seeing your trailer pass you on a long descent can be a little unnerving, so Chevy has designed a number of features to show your load who’s the boss. Trailer sway control utilizes sensors to determine when a trailer is starting to lose control. It automatically applies both the truck and trailer brakes to keep your vehicle and load working together. An available diesel exhaust brake system works with the transmission to give the brakes a break on long declines, while a rear camera lets you keep a close eye on what’s happening behind you. Hill start assist is very handy when you’re parked on an incline. It keeps the brake engaged as you apply throttle, releasing only when you’ve built up enough torque to move ahead.

Quiet Cabin Equals Happy Driver

Anyone who has stood outside a running diesel knows they can be quite noisy. Although modern diesel engines are quieter than those of 20 years ago, Chevy has outfitted the cab of its Silverado pickups with plenty of sound deadening material. Thicker windshield glass also helps keep the noise on the outside where it belongs. The cabin is a comfortable place for long road trips, with plush leather available along with WiFi connectivity and a large touch screen for navigation and driver apps. All the controls are available at a finger’s reach, making driving more comfortable and less tiring. Step up to the High Country trim package and you not only get leather, but 12-way adjustable front bucket seats complete with embroidered head rests. Swing by Freeway Chevrolet and check out the inventory of Chevrolet Silverado pickups for the best in towing capacity and comfort.


Real People Give Opinions on Revamped Malibu

If you own a television, you’ve undoubtedly seen Chevrolet’s new “Real People, Not Actors” campaign to promote the quality and desirability of the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. By removing all badging from the vehicle, Chevy asks real potential customers to guess the retail price of the sporty four-door sedan. Answers range from $50,000 on up and the people are shocked to find that the car is a Malibu with a starting price a little more than $22,000. Imagine how shocked you’ll be by the power and comfort of the new Malibu when you take a test drive at Freeway Chevrolet.

Changing Customer Mindset Key to New Campaign

Although Chevrolet has built reliable vehicles for years while developing a loyal customer base, the new ad campaign is geared towards people who may think the only good car is one that comes from Germany with an inflated price tag. “With the Malibu launch, we will continue to engage in authentic conversations about the product and truly surprise consumers with the exceptional design, features and technologies that they would never expect from a midsize sedan,” according to Chevy vice president of marketing Paul Edwards. “We now have a great opportunity with the all-new Malibu, Cruze and the rest of the Chevrolet lineup to continue to evolve our storytelling and move from shifting to reinforcing perceptions about the products and the brand.”

Malibu Gains in Size, Technology and Fuel Efficiency

Whether the vehicle has a name badge or not, take on look at the new Chevrolet Malibu and you’ll see an attractive car that’s not only fuel efficient, but large enough to carry adults in comfort. A longer wheelbase not only provides more interior room, but helps smooth out the bumps and provide a more comfortable ride. An aerodynamic body helps cut through the wind while providing a stylish look. The spacious cockpit puts all the controls at the driver’s fingertips, including a large touchscreen, multiple USB ports and a wireless charging station.

Hybrid Malibu Gives Off the Charts Mileage

Although the gas-powered Malibu provides a wonderful 37 miles per gallon, when you step up to the Malibu Hybrid that figure increases to 48 mpg. Utilize the driver’s efficiency gauge to coax the most miles per gallon possible out of your hybrid and continually challenge yourself to set a new record. Whether you choose a hybrid or traditional gas model, you’re going to be impressed when you first set your eyes on this beautiful sedan at Freeway Chevrolet.


Large V8 Delivers Four Doors of Fun

If your family life or other situation requires you to have a four-door sedan, but your heart keeps telling you it’s not time to give up that sports car, consider the 2016 Chevrolet SS as a compromise that delivers an exciting driving experience with plenty of room for passengers. Powered by a 6.2-liter V8, the SS pumps out 415 angry horsepower and 415 foot pounds of torque, enough to pin you and all your riders into your seats when making that last-second freeway merge. Head to Freeway Chevrolet and put the SS through its paces to see just how much fun you can have in a four-door car.

Performance Setup Delivers Premium Handling

From the finely-tuned sport suspension to the oversized Brembo brakes, the Chevrolet SS is crafted to stick through corners like it was on rails and stop when you’ve finally had enough. This roomy sedan is as agile as many two-seater roadsters, with little body roll when attacking tight corners on a mountain run. Dual-mode exhaust delivers a hearty rumble when you step on the gas. Magnetic ride control allows drivers to choose between Tour, Sport and Performance settings, depending on your mood and road conditions. The system provides the smooth ride of a luxury car with the precision of a sports car, giving you and your riders the best of both worlds. Near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution helps optimize the vehicle’s performance.

Interior Full of Creature Comforts

As opposed to some sports cars where the automaker throws out everything but the steering wheel to save on weight, the Chevrolet SS has a finely-crafted interior with leather appointments, firm bolsters and plenty of technological goodies to make long trips a joy. From the 10-way power seats that are both ventilated and heated to a large 8-inch MyLink infotainment system that controls communications, music and navigation, the feel of the SS cockpit is that of a much more expensive sedan. The SS also comes with 4G LTE Wi-Fi, allowing you and your passengers to connect to the Internet for work or play.

Heads Up Display Keeps Focus on Road

Chevy has integrated a heads up display that projects onto the windshield, allowing the driver to stay focused on the road while still taking in vital vehicle information. That, along with safety features like automatic parking assist, blind spot detection and forward collision alert, are just some of the advanced features that make this much more than just a super fast sedan. Check in with the pros at Freeway Chevrolet and see why the SS is a great way to keep your wild side alive just a bit longer.