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Tahoe, Suburban Get New Street Credibility

SUV Special Editions Continue to Break New Ground

The leaders in the full-size SUV market, the Chevy Tahoe and Suburban, now have a new reason to attract performance-conscious consumers. With the Rally Sport Truck (RST) package, the Chevy Suburban and Tahoe are moving into a market where street performance is king. “Chevrolet has continually invested in Tahoe and Suburban, developing models with varying combinations of capability, technology and performance to meet the needs of different customers,” said Chevy truck marketing director Sandor Piszar. “The RST is designed for customers who want a street performance look without sacrificing capability or refinement, along with the option of increased performance as well.” Be the first in line for a test drive of the new RST package when the 2018 SUVs arrive at Freeway Chevrolet this fall.

Performance Package Provides Power

All Tahoes and Suburbans equipped with the RST trim level will also offer a performance package that brings the power to back up the street look. The performance package features a 6.2L V8 engine that delivers 420 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque. Continuously variable valve timing, direct injection and active fuel management are three state-of-the-art technologies that ensure you’ll get the maximum performance and efficiency. Chevy has integrated the 6.2L engine with a new 10-speed automatic transmission that gets the most out of each rev cycle as you accelerate. Preliminary figures indicate the Tahoe RST will tow up to 8,400 pounds and be able to go from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Magnetic Ride Control Reads the Road

If you choose a Chevy Suburban or Tahoe RST with the performance package, you’ll also receive magnetic ride control. This active suspension system reads every nook, bump and cranny in the road constantly, adjusting your dampers to improve body control and deliver a more comfortable ride. “When you want to hustle, it is incredibly fast, with significantly higher levels of acceleration, braking and road-holding grip,” Chevy chief engineer Eric Stanczak said. “When you want to relax, it is very refined, with exceptional ride comfort and interior quietness.”

Tahoe, Suburban Tops in Sales

The Chevy Tahoe and Suburban far and away lead the full-size SUV market, accounting for nearly 50 percent of all sales. With plenty of interior room, loads of power and a truck toughness that doesn’t sacrifice when it comes to comfort, the Tahoe and Suburban are poised to be the market leaders for a long time to come. Almost 80 percent of Tahoe and Suburban owners buy the same model when its time to get a new vehicle. See why customers keep coming back for more when you inspect the Tahoe and Suburban inventory at Freeway Chevrolet.

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