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Chevy Bolt Makes Electric Living a Snap

With 238 miles of all-electric range, a plentiful number of charging stations and the ability to get up to 90 miles of extended range in only 30 minutes, the reasons not to choose the Chevy Bolt as your next commuter vehicle are quickly falling by the wayside. The sporty Bolt is attractive, affordable and a great way to help lessen your carbon footprint on the planet. You’ll be able to test drive the new Bolt very soon at Freeway Chevrolet.

Awards Keep Piling Up for Bolt

It’s pretty keen to win one “Car of the Year” award, so imagine the thrill Chevy executives are feeling with the Bolt being the recipient of three such awards. What many considered the most coveted “Car of the Year” award comes from Motor Trend magazine. Bolt earned that honor for 2017. The attractive little Bolt was also named the 2017 “North American Car of the Year” and the 2017 “Green Car of the Year” for its zero emissions.

How Fast is a Bolt?

While the Bolt isn’t going to challenge a Corvette for the title of King of the Chevy muscle cars, it is surprisingly quick. This little powerhouse generates a noticeable 266 pound-feet of torque when you tromp on the accelerator, rocketing you from 0 to 60 mph in less than 6.5 seconds. With the average daily commute around 40 miles, what time you lose on the street to larger gas engines will be made up when you pass those cars at the fuel pumps.

Electronic Precision Shift Provides Smooth Response

Driving an electric vehicle is definitely a different, and much easier, experience than driving a gas car. One example is the Electronic Precision Shifter in the Chevy Bolt. Resembling a joy stick you might use on a video game, the shifter uses electronics to send a signal to the transmission to go forward, reverse, neutral or park. The lack of gears and connectors makes more room in the console for your electronics, a box of tissues and other items you need in your daily drive. Shift into low mode and you can experience the joy of one pedal driving. Just lift your foot off the accelerator and you can slow down dramatically, even coming to a complete stop in some cases.

Plenty of Accessories Available

When you go look at the Bolt during your visit to Freeway Chevrolet, don’t forget to visit the aftermarket department and check out all the cool accessories. Items such as an accessory hitch that works with many bike racks, portable Bluetooth speakers, decals and even a special Bolt sunshade can make your new EV stand out from the crowd.

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