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Zl1 1LE Takes Camaro to New Heights

With an iconic history that dates back to the pony car wars of the 1960s, the Chevy Camaro has gone through a lot of iterations and been responsible for some of the most sensational thrill rides in U.S. automotive history. That’s why it’s really saying something when Chevy announced that the new ZL1 1LE Track Performance Package has turned the latest generation into the fastest Camaro ever produced. “In the long, storied history of Camaro performance, there’s never been another model that matches the capability of the ZL1 1LE,” according to Chevy marketing director Steve Majoros. “With the addition of the new 650-horsepower Zl1 1LE, the Camaro lineup is more diverse and exciting than ever, offering customers the ability to select and personalize their ultimate performance car.”

ZL1 1LE Package All About Performance

If you’re just looking for a fun drive in the mountains on a weekend, you probably don’t need to spend the additional $7,500 for the ZL1 1LE Extreme Performance Track Package. If, however, you’re all about lowering track times and being behind the wheel of a true race car, there’s a good chance that will be money well spent. The ZL1 1LE package includes a carbon rear wing, dive planes on the front fascia and air deflectors that help the car stick to the asphalt in hairpin turns. You’ll also get an adjustable suspension with dampers you can control to offer top-notch vehicle and wheel control. Lightweight wheels and special tires are part of the package, delivering a maximum grip of 1.10g. Powering the ZL1 1LE is the supercharged LT4 motor that generates 650 horsepower. Check in with Freeway Chevrolet to see about ordering this superstar of the Camaro lineup.

Lots of Choices in Camaro Lineup

Along with the ZL1, the Chevy Camaro is offered in SS, LT and LS trim levels. You can get any of the models in either a hardtop coupe of convertible. When the 2018 model goes on sale at Freeway Chevrolet this summer, you’ll also be able to buy a Redline Edition, which is a stealth-like offering that features a black bowtie on the front and rear, grille with red accents and special graphics. The Redline Edition also comes with dark taillamps, black mirrors and large 20-inch aluminum black wheels with red features. The latest generation of the Camaro is built around a smaller architecture than previous models and offers more responsive braking and the ability to attack corners with an athletic zeal. Every crease and angle was designed to deliver greater performance, a result verified with thousands of hours of wind tunnel testing.

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