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Bolt First EV to get Top Safety Pick Award

As the only all-electric (EV) to ever win a Top Safety Pick rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the new Chevy Bolt keeps eliminating reasons for consumers not to buy an EV. One of the biggest reasons customers have given for not buying an EV is the lack of range. With the ability to go up to 238 miles on a single charge, the Bolt has pretty much killed that argument against electrification. Now, by scoring high in all categories of IIHS testing, the Bolt proves that a small EV can also be extremely safe. Be the first in line to test drive the new Bolt when it makes an appearance at Freeway Chevrolet.

Good Across the Board

To earn the Top Safety Pick rating from the IIHS, vehicles must score “Good” in all the categories relating to collision and either “Superior” or “Advanced” in testing of head-on crashes. When equipped with the automatic braking and forward collision warning, the Bolt earned all the necessary “Good” ratings and scored “Superior” in frontal crashes. The Bolt puts an emphasis on safety, with 10 standard air bags, a rearview camera, a body that liberally uses high-strength steel in the safety cage and beyond, and a whole suite of available driver assistance safety features including blind spot alert, rear cross traffic monitoring and the ability to detect unseen pedestrians.

Battery and Drive Unit Key to Bolt Ability

Chevrolet engineers spent a great deal of time designing the integration of the Bolt EV drive system to make the car not only realistic in terms of range and power, but also fun to drive. “Being the leader in range and affordability means nothing if the car isn’t going to excite you each time you get behind the wheel,” according to Bolt chief engineer Josh Tavel. “That’s why the team was tasked with delivering a propulsion system that would also make the Bolt EV an electric vehicle that owners would love to drive.” By utilizing an offset gear and drive shaft model that works with an electronic shift system, engineers were able to not only deliver power and efficiency, but save space for customer comfort. The 60-kWh lithium ion battery pack includes 288 lithium ion cells divided into five different sections. The result is a battery system that produces the desired level of energy and power and has the ability to fully recharge overnight from a 240V wall box. For a quick freshening, the Chevy Bolt can get a charge equivalent to 90 miles of driving in just 30 minutes using DC Fast Charging. The Bolt, Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, will be available soon at Freeway Chevrolet.

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