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myChevrolet App Now Linked With Apple Watch

Folks who love new technology will be thrilled that Chevrolet is now offering the use of the myChevrolet app on their Apple Watch. The ability to control important vehicle functions is now as easy as turning your wrist and pointing a finger, giving consumers the ability to start and stop their car, truck or SUV, lock the doors or even find their vehicle in a crowded parking lot. “The use of the myChevrolet app by our owners continues to grow across the entire vehicle lineup, so expanding its availability to Apple Watch was a natural next step and allows us to offer another easy way to manage key vehicle functions remotely,” according to Paul Edwards of Chevrolet. “Whether you want to cool down your Malibu on a hot summer day or locate it after attending a crowded baseball game, Chevrolet owners can now make that choice from their iPhone or Apple Watch.” Get a thorough demonstration on how the myChevrolet app can make your daily commute easier when you visit Freeway Chevrolet.

myChevrolet App Increasing in Popularity

Almost 1.4 million Chevy drivers use the myChevrolet app frequently to make daily transportation a little less mundane. Malibu owners are the most frequent users of the app, although the Silverado and Equinox drivers are closing ground rapidly. Malibu owners used the app nearly 9 million times last year, up 44 percent from the previous year. “The myChevrolet app allows customers to interact with their vehicle in a variety of ways, like checking vehicle diagnostics, sending navigation requests or locking the doors,” according to GM executive John McFarland. “As a result, customers who use the myChevrolet mobile app are some of our most loyal and satisfied customers.”

OnStar Started the App Explosion

The use of remote vehicle commands through smartphone apps began for Chevy owners in 2010 when OnStar launched the Remotelink app. Chevy introduced the myChevrolet app to work in conjunction with the OnStar app in 2016 to give drivers easier access to roadside help, the owner’s manual, Wi-Fi management and other key features. Remote start is one of the most popular features of the myChevrolet app, allowing drivers to bring their interior temperatures to comfortable levels without setting foot outside the house or office. For a thorough explanation of how all the app functions operate, stop by Freeway Chevrolet in Chandler today for an inspection of the new Chevy lineup and a test drive.

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