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Racing Suspension Teams with Aero Technology

By combining new aerodynamic technology with a finely-tuned racing suspension and adding Goodyear Supercar 3R tires, Chevrolet has created a monster Camaro with unprecedented track performance. The ZL1 1LE was a full-three seconds, or in racing parlance “an eternity”, faster than the ZL1 Coupe on GM’s Milford test track. A carbon fiber rear wing, air deflectors and a front fascia that features dive planes were all part of creating additional downforce to keep the Camaro ZL1 1LE stuck to the track like glue. “The track-focused 1LE package offers progressive levels of performance across the Camaro lineup, from the V6 1LE to the SS 1LE,” according to Camaro chief engineer Al Oppenheimer. “But with the new ZL1 1LE, the progression takes a quantum leap –this is the ultimate track-day Camaro.”

Supercharged Engine Provides Plenty of Power

When the new Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE arrives at Freeway Chevrolet later this year, it will be powered by a monster supercharged LT4 motor that pumps out 650 horses. That motor is paired by a short throw six-speed manual transmission with Active Rev Match, a feature that helps you know when to shift for maximum performance. All that power and technology is aided by a 60-pound weight loss from the standard ZL1 coupe. Thinner rear glass, a lighter back seat and lighter dampers and wheels all contributed to lightening the scales. Advanced Brembo brakes that include the 1LE logo not only look sharp, but help you keep all that power under control.

Adjustable Suspension Lets You Choose the Ride

Whether you’re out tooling around and would like a little more comfort or challenging your friends on a closed course for the best elapsed time, the new Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE has an adjustable suspension that lets you choose your driving experience. Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve dampers are located in front and rear for maximum control. You can adjust the ride height with the front dampers, bringing it up for clearance and lowering it to hug the road and get the maximum fuel efficiency. The components are easy to adjust when you get to the track, then switch back to street settings for your every day driving needs. “The new Camaro ZL1 1LE offers the supreme track experience,” according to Chevy Performance Variants director Mark Dickens. “It’s the pinnacle of Camaro performance and advances the 1LE’s nearly 30-year legacy of uncompromising, track-tailored capability.” Be the first to take the newest Chevy Camaro for a test drive when it comes to Freeway Chevrolet this fall.

Debuted at 2015 SEMA Show

A new Redline Special Edition that is offered across nine different Chevy models is the result of a concept shown at the SEMA conference in Las Vegas in 2015. Redline is the broadest offering of a special edition from any automaker, offering black wheels adorned with red accents, black badging outlined in red and a totally black grille surrounding the black bowtie logo. “Redline is another example of Chevrolet brining SEMA concepts to showrooms,” according to Chevy VP Brian Sweeney. “The SEMA show has proven to be a great way to identify customization trends in the industry, and quickly apply those trends to our most popular Chevrolet models. Based on the strong interest Redline attracted at the show, we believe they will be very popular with customers looking for standout cars, trucks and crossovers.”

Place Your Order Now for 2017 Delivery

All the Redline vehicles will be rolling out throughout the remainder of this year, but you can place your order now at Freeway Chevrolet. The Redline package is offered on the Camaro, Colorado midsize truck, Cruze sedan and hatchback, Silverado, Trax, Equinox, Traverse and Malibu. Aside from the afore-mentioned features, you can customize your Redline with different offerings that differ with the various models. The Redline is another example of Chevy offering special editions to let customers personalize their rides. “Our special edition lineup has been popular with customers and dealers alike,” Sweeney said. “Since the introduction of special editions on vehicles like Silverado and Camaro, vehicle average transaction prices have increased, time to turn has decreased and conquest rates have risen, which has contributed to making Chevrolet the fastest growing brand in the industry two years in a row.”

Silverado Offers Multiple Editions

The Chevy Silverado and Silverado HD offer multiple special editions, giving you a chance to avoid owning a ho hum truck. The Midnight edition, with black on black accented by some well-placed badging and chrome is extremely popular. Sporty drivers love the Rally 1 and Rally 2 editions, with an athletic look, rally striping and special wheels. High Desert, Custom Sport, RealTree camo, Special Ops, Alaskan and Black Out round out the Silverado Special Edition Lineup.

Camaro Celebrating 50 Years

The 50th Anniversary Camaro Edition honors the history of this iconic pony car and is available as a coupe or convertible. Special striping, Nightfall Gray metallic paint, black leather interior and badging throughout make this one for collectors to take a close look at. Stop by Freeway Chevrolet and see how all the Special Editions make Chevy the fastest growing automaker in America.

Lots of Things to Learn About Newest EV

Just as the new Chevy Bolt Electric Vehicle (EV) gets ready to appear on the showroom floor at Freeway Chevrolet, the engineers that designed the revolutionary vehicle sat down with the editors at Motor Trend magazine to reveal a lot of fun facts. For example, not that many of you will ever attempt this, but did you know that if you bring the Bolt up to its top speed of 93 mph and leave your foot on the throttle, it will go 160 miles without running out of juice? That’s basically the equivalent of driving from Phoenix to Tucson and back, but keep in mind it doesn’t include any stops by the Highway Patrol.

Pre-drive Check Covers 1,400 Diagnostic Tests

Although it only takes about a half-second to complete all the diagnostics, just pushing the power button on the new Bolt EV kicks off a series of about 1,400 diagnostic tests on a number of complicated power systems. The tests make sure that power is running to all the circuits that need it, as well as checking for any crossed connections. If you know someone who has a Bolt and want to mess with their delight in choosing Motor Trend’s car of the year, you can always pull the rear seat cushion and flip the circuit breaker on the top of the battery pack. It will take them a while to figure that one out.

Battery Weighs More than the Body

Lowering weight is a big deal in the world of EVs, and it’s tough to cut weight in a battery while keeping the power needed for accelration and range. The Chevy engineers had to cut weight in the body wherever they could, so they used a combination of high-strength steel and unstressed aluminum to create the structure. The body weighs 815 pounds, significantly less than the 949 pound battery pack.

You Can Forget to Put it in Park

Because the new Chevy Bolt doesn’t move when its in certain modes, it’s easy to forget to put the vehicle in park. Once you remove your seat belt, the vehicle automatically sets the electric parking brake. When you open the door and leave, it puts itself in park, then shuts itself off. You’ll never see a Bolt driving down the street by itself.

Other Features Result of Innovative Design

When you go test drive the new Chevrolet Bolt at Freeway Chevrolet, you’ll notice a lot of other features that are the result of painstaking hours of engineering. A tankless water heater to deliver warm air through the heater core, and a rear camera washer that keeps your rear view monitor working during inclement weather are just part of the innovative technology in Motor Trend’s “Car of the Year.” Take some time to inquire about all the features during your visit to Freeway Chevrolet.

Sign and Drive Makes Owning Cruze Easy

Easier Than Ever to Own Sporty Sedan

A number of different financial incentives make it easier than ever to own the sporty 2017 Chevrolet Cruze sedan, including a lease deal that brings the payment down to $179 a month. Qualified lessees can head over to Freeway Chevrolet and inquire about leasing a Cruze Sedan LT with the preferred equipment group with no down payment, no first month’s payment and no security deposit. If you don’t qualify for that promotion, financing through GM on select Cruze models can get you up to a $2,500 cash allowance or annual percentage rates as low as 2.9 percent for 60 months.

Cruze Perfect Fit For Urban Commuter

With 40 mpg efficiency on the highway and a boatload of helpful technology, the nimble and athletic 2017 Chevrolet Cruze sedan and hatchback are the perfect fit for a modern commuter. With a starting MSRP of $16,975, the Cruze is an aerodynamically sculpted vehicle that offers a wide variety of standard and optional features. Choose the Premier model and you get the option of having heated seats in both the front and rear seats, along with a magnificent infotainment system that uses Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to team up with your smart phone. Available 4G LTE Wi-Fi turns your Cruze into a rolling hot spot so you and your passengers won’t miss out on the latest info and social media.

Cruze Loaded With Safety Features

The high efficiency and sporty good looks of the Cruze are augmented by a load of safety features that makes it an excellent choice for teen drivers. Driver assistance features utilize a combination of sensors and cameras to alert a driver of a possible collision. The system is constantly monitoring the area around the Cruze for obstacles, including pedestrians and vehicles in your blind spot. The Chevy Cruze is also the first car in its category to include 10 air bags, including a knee bag for both the driver and front passenger. In the sad event you are in a collision, every Cruze comes with a 3-month free subscription to the OnStar Guidance Plan, which notifies first responders of the problem.

Teen Driver Option Helps Young People Focus

The Chevy Cruze comes with a standard Teen Driver system that helps young drivers focus on the task at hand. It mutes the stereo when the front seat belts aren’t fastened and gives both an audible alarm and visual warning if they drive over the speed you select. Teen Driver also has an available report so you can see how fast and exactly where your teen took the car, as well as when different safety features were engaged. See the new Chevy Cruze today and take a test drive at Freeway Chevrolet.

2018 Traverse Remains Large and In Charge

Keep on Truckin’ With Beefier Look

The new 2018 Chevrolet Traverse gets a bit of a stouter look, an RS sub-brand and premium High Country trim level to appeal across a wide range of buyers when it comes to Freeway Chevrolet this summer. A spacious and comfortable interior combines with modern technology to improve your driving experience and provide you and your family a vehicle that can go anywhere and do everything. “The all-new Traverse offers the ultimate in style and convenience for the segment, with the versatility customers need and a thoughtful, spacious design they’ll love,” according to GM North America president Alan Batey. “It’s the midsize SUV designed to keep you safe, comfortable and connected.”

RS, High Country Offer Customers Choice

The RS trim level of the new Chevrolet Traverse is a sporty version with exterior aspects blacked out, including the grill, bow tie and 20-inch wheels. The High Country goes to the opposite extreme, with a sophisticated look including polished wheels, D-optic headlamps, leather appointments and power-fold rear seats. “The all-new Traverse blends Chevrolet’s characteristic SUV cues with capability and refinement,” said Global Chevrolet Design chief John Cafaro. “Inside and out, it offers style with a purpose.

Longer Wheelbase Offers More Interior Room

With a longer overall design, the new Chevrolet Traverse delivers comfortable seating for up to eight adults. With best-in-class legroom and passenger volume, the Traverse also delivers the largest cargo area in its category at 98.5 cubic feet. There are many well-designed storage options and bins throughout the interior to enhance passenger convenience. Another point of convenience is the split second-row seat that slides to provide incredibly easy access to the third row.

New Engine Provides More Horsepower

When the 2018 Traverse comes to Freeway Chevrolet this summer, it will be powered by a brand-new 3.6L V6 that’s paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The new engine delivers 10 percent more horsepower than the current model, while still producing a very efficient 25 mpg on the highway according to early GM estimates. The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse will have a towing capacity of about 5,000 pounds, making it the perfect vehicle for light to medium recreational towing.

Modern Technology Abounds in Traverse

You’ll have your choice of a 7 or 8 inch diagonal infotainment screen in your new Traverse. The system supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, while providing 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability to turn your Traverse into a rolling hot spot. USB charging ports are plentiful throughout the cockpit, ensuring you and your passengers can keep their electronics up and running whether you’re just running the office car pool or traveling across country.

Silverado HD Powers Up With New Diesel

Power Breeds Confidence When Towing

Now that the totally redesigned Duramax 6.6L V-8 turbo-diesel is an option with the 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD truck, drivers can be assured they have the power they need to tow virtually any trailer. “Silverado HD gives you confidence,” according to Chevy Chief Engineer Jeff Luke, “and confidence gives you the best towing experience.” With a stronger block and new control system, the new Duramax engine delivers 445 horsepower and an amazing 910 pound-feet of torque. Torque is the low-end power that ensures you can get your load moving whether you’re on a flat surface or at the bottom of a steep incline. Test drive the new Silverado HD and see how much confidence all that power brings you by visiting Freeway Chevrolet.

New Air Intake Keeps Engine Cool

One of the keys to the increased performance of the new Duramax diesel engine is a cool air intake system that removes humidity while keeping the engine within optimum operating temperatures. Keeping the air cool means the engine will respond better when faced with pulling a heavy load in adverse conditions, such as soaring summer temperatures. “The Duramax diesel has forged a bond with truck customers based on trust and capability,” said the VP of Global Propulsion Systems, Dan Nicholson. “The new Duramax takes those traits to higher levels, making the 2017 Silverado HD one of the most refined on the highway.”

Special Editions Fit Unique Needs

The 2017 Chevrolet Silverado HD comes in a number of special edition packages based on specific wants and needs. People living in cold country will love the Alaskan Edition, with a snow plow prep package, all-weather tires, spray-in bedliner with raised “Alaskan” text and unique graphics on the tailgate and rear quarter panel. For something a bit more refined, ask the pros at Freeway Chevrolet about the High Desert package. This includes a sport bar, lockable storage, 20-inch wheels and a hard tonneau bed cover. For a more stealth appearance, choose Midnight HD. This all-black Silverado HD comes with a Z71 off-road package and bold, black accents. The Custom Sport HD is available in Black or Summit White and is the epitome of sophistication with chrome accents and a body-color grille and bumpers. The Sport HD also has 20-inch aluminum wheels and is outfitted with front and rear park assist to help you get in those tight urban spaces.

Whichever package you choose, remember the 2017 Silverado HD is a hard-working truck that comes with all the comforts of home. Test drive one today at Freeway Chevrolet.


More Choices for Propane and Natural Gas

Working to provide customers more options now that the U.S. Department of Transportation has identified “alternative fuel only” routes across the nation, Chevrolet has partnered with Power Solutions International (PSI) to offer full-size vans and heavy duty pickups powered by either natural gas or propane. Starting in early 2017, you’ll be able to order your alternative fuel vehicle of choice right from the showroom at Freeway Chevrolet. “Expanding choice is key to helping more commercial and government fleets reduce their fuel consumption, fuel costs and emissions using alternative fuels and EVs versus traditional gasoline,” according to GM Fleet VP Ed Peper. “There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions for fleet managers.

Alternative Fuel Lineup Growing

With the addition of PSI as a partner, Chevy now offers more than a dozen alternative fuel vehicles, including the new Chevy Bolt EV, diesel options for the Chevy Express and GMC Savana vans and a large 6.6 liter Duramax diesel option for the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HD. Once you order a truck or van with propane or natural gas as your fuel selection, Chevy will ship the vehicle with a 6.0L V-8 engine directly to PSI. They will then install the fuel system and all other necessary components and ship the vehicle directly to Freeway Chevrolet. The change to alternative fuel will not affect the factory warranty in any way.

Including the 2018 model year, Chevy and GMC will be offering more than two dozen trucks, cars and vans with propulsion systems powered by something other than gasoline. For natural gas and propane, look to the Chevy Express Cargo, Express Passenger, Express Cutaway, Silverado HD and the Low Cab Forward commercial 3500 and 4500 models. GMC is also offering both power options in the Savana Cargo, Savana Passenger, Savana Cutaway and Sierra HD. B-20 capable diesel engines are coming in the Chevy Cruze, Colorado, Express and Silverado HD, as well as the GMC Savana, Canyon and Sierra HD.

Chevy now has three vehicles in the electric and hybrid category: Malibu hybrid, Volt and Bolt EV. Several Chevy and GMC cars trucks and vans are capable of running on E85 ethanol.

Bolt Full Production Coming in Spring 2017

Although there will be some deliveries of the highly-anticipated Chevy Bolt EV this month, expect it to come to the showroom at Freeway Chevrolet no later than the spring of 2017. With an astounding 238 miles of range on a single charge, the affordable Bolt is eligible for Federal tax credits and is expected to spur sales of electric vehicles nationwide.

ZL1 Most Powerful Camaro Ever


Supercharged 6.2L Monster Powers the Beast

With a long history of fighting the Pony Car wars under its hood, the Camaro has been an on and off king of the road when it comes to power to weight distribution. With the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 now available in both coupe and convertible, this year’s Pony car11 can honestly claim it is the most powerful Camaro ever. The ZL1 shares the supercharged 6.2L V8 LT4 engine with the Corvette Z06, a power plant that delivers 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque in an adrenaline-pumping ride that is as exciting as possible while still being legal. With an electronically-controlled limited slip differential to keep the power coming to the wheel that needs it the most, this Camaro is set up to help amateur drivers unleash the beast on occasion while still keeping the vehicle under control. Check out the new ZL1 Camaro when you take a test drive at Freeway Chevrolet.

10-Speed Transmission as Good as Advertised

In a test run by editors of Car and Driver magazine, the reviewers came away impressed with a new 10-speed automatic transmission that was jointly developed by the engineers at Ford and Chevrolet. “When its working hard, the 10-speed is all nervous energy, ripping through tightly spaced gears with unrelenting pace,” they wrote. “The resultant thrust and sound are gleefully rewarding.” Unlike most automatics, the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 never loses torque no matter how far you climb the revolutions per minute. The resulting low track times should attract amateur racers and those who just want to claim ownership of the baddest beast on the block.

New ZL1 Wider, Bigger, Faster

If you take a Camaro SS and stretch it in all directions, you get the basic body shape of the new ZL1 Camaro. It’s got broad shoulders, a wide rear end and an aggressive stance that could make road kill get up and run. The 20-inch wheels are 10 inches wide in the front and 11 inches in the rear, playing host to specially formulated Goodyear G:3 tires. The resulting grip helps the engine and transmission propel the car to 60 mph from a dead stop in just 3.5 seconds. The ZL1 makes very short work of the quarter-mile run, taking just 11.4 seconds to complete the course.

Performance Seats Keep You in Place Comfortably

With a starting MSRP north of $60,000, you’d expect some creature comforts to go along with the unbridled power. The 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 does not disappoint. From a steering wheel wrapped in suede to RECARO seats that are not only plush, but have extra large bolsters to hold you in place, the Camaro interior is designed for both performance and sophistication. The coupe will be arriving at dealerships like Freeway Chevrolet this month. Expect the convertible to show up early next spring.

ACTIV Delivers Sporty Take on Spark


Bring a Little Adventure to Your Life

The 2017 Chevy Spark ACTIV offers an increased ride height and skid plates that allow drivers to explore some of life’s wilder trails. The urban-chic design of the new Spark allows you to be an urban driver during the week, then take off for an adventure on the weekend to parts previously unknown. “The new Spark ACTIV is all about adventurous fun and style,” according to Steve Majoros, Chevy marketing director. “It has an attitude, while still offering the sophisticated, efficient and connected driving experience customers have come to love.” The new Spark ACTIV will arrive at the Freeway Chevrolet showroom in the first quarter of 2017.

ACTIV Comes With Tons of Standard Features

Along with the revised suspension that raises the clearance by about a half-inch and the skid plates to protect important components, the new ACTIV offers unique features such as round fog lamps, contrasting moldings and a special grille with prominent ACTIV badging. Starting at just $16,945 when equipped with a manual transmission, the Spark ACTIV also comes with an upscale interior that includes heated leatherette seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and and infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen. Compatibility with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto means you can use your smartphone to stream music, play podcasts or use a number of limited apps.

Spark ACTIV Loaded with Tech

You get three free months of 4G LTE Wi-Fi service with your new Spark ACTIV, allowing you to have Internet access wherever your adventures may roam, within cell service limitations. You’ll also get three free months of SiriusXM satellite radio and OnStar telemetry. A rear camera, cruise control, remote entry, power windows and steering wheel audio and communication controls are all standard features.

Compact Spark Both Roomy and Safe

Fold down the rear seat on the 2017 Spark and you get a roomy 27.2 cubic feet of storage, or enough to hold plenty of camping gear for your outdoor adventure. The peppy 1.4L Ecotec engine not only gives you enough power to get over any mountain pass, but also delivers a hybrid-like 37 mpg on the highway. The 2017 Chevy Spark also comes in LS, 1LT and 2LT trim packages starting at just $13,875. You can choose from manual transmission or automatic with any trim, proving that good things do come in small packages. See and test drive the new Spark today at Freeway Chevrolet.


Sophisticated Style on Display at SEMA

The recent SEMA auto show in Las Vegas was the perfect venue for Chevrolet to unveil its Malibu and Cruz “Blue Line” concept vehicles. Giving customers the option to personalize their cars is the thought behind the Blue Line series, which features a more sophisticated look with an athletic stance. “The Chevrolet Blue Line Series concepts integrate accessories that offer greater personalization choices for customers,” according to parts marketing director Roger McCormack. “Each vehicle wears production and concept accessories thematically linked under the Blue Line Series banner. We look forward to gauging public reaction at the SEMA show and other venues.” See what kind of official Chevy parts and accessories are available to customize your ride by stopping in to the parts department at Freeway Chevrolet.

Malibu Combines Traditional Look With Modern Feel

By providing a traditional look with a Genesis White paint job, the Malibu Blue Line concept creates a blank slate around which to build a modern, athletic vehicle. An official Chevy suspension lowering kit brings the ride height down by about a half-inch, providing a more sporty look and better handling. The lowered look is accented by a ground effects kit with rear diffuser. A black grille insert and black Bowtie logo highlight the front. Inside there are special sport pedals, metal badging on the floor liners and illuminated door sills. A concept performance braking kit, tinted headlights and polished exhaust round out the concept vehicle.

Cruze Concept Builds Off RS Hatchback

Chevy started with a sporty RS Hatchback to build its Cruze Blue Line concept. Also painted Genesis White, the Cruz looks either white or gray depending on the lighting. Blue tinted windows and blue metallic 18-inch wheels provide a colorful accent. Head to the parts department at Freeway Chevrolet and you can get the same chrome grill insert and suspension lowering kit that designers used on the Cruze Concept. A performance brake package will be available by the end of this year, and performance air intake and exhaust systems are coming by next summer. The concept vehicle features a special black interior with graphite accents on the doors, shift knob and instrument panel. You can modify your Cruze now with the same sport pedal kit, interior trim and illuminated door sills used in the show vehicle. Remember that when Freeway Chevrolet installs any accessories or performance parts, your new car warranty remains unaffected.