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If you are living or visiting any part of Phoenix this week, you don’t have to be a sports fan to notice that it is Super Bowl time! Of course, with the Super Bowl comes the widely anticipated commercials. Automakers are part of the plethora of companies to take part in this American institution and don’t seem to fall short when it comes to memorable Super Bowl commercials. This year’s commercials look as great as ever, but let’s take a glance at some of the most memorable Chevrolet Super Bowl commercials.

1. In the 2012 Chevy Volt commercial, Chevrolet manages to be both entertaining and informative. This commercial features a group of aliens that seem to be confused about the Chevy Volt and how it works. The gentleman sums it up for them (again.) Chevrolet does a great job at tying up the commercial with a bit of humor by adding a quick innuendo of discomfort from the ogling extraterrestrials. So beware folks, if you purchase a Chevy Volt from our Phoenix Chevy dealer, you may just get some interesting intergalactic visitors!

2. For a while there, Glee was everywhere. Seriously, everywhere. So, it makes sense that the widely known show would make an appearance in the 2011 Super Bowl commercial line up. Of course, you either love or hate Glee, but it was a smooth move for Chevrolet to team up and utilize the show’s popularity to their advantage.

3. 2012 was a big year for the “end of the world” hype. Chevrolet hops on the bandwagon by putting an entertaining spin on surviving a catastrophic event with a Chevy Silverado. With a quick jab at Ford, the characters remind you that those who didn’t “make it,” weren’t driving the “longest lasting, most dependable truck on the road.” Conclusion: If you purchase a Chevy Silverado from Freeway Chevrolet, you may just survive an apocalypse!

4. Both exciting and entertaining, 2011’s Chevrolet Super Bowl commercial was action packed and touching with a witty conversation between the narrators walking you through the whole commercial. With subtle hints that Camaro’s are exciting, sporty and great for those doubling as a secret agent, Chevrolet does a great job at reminding it’s audience that a Camaro is suitable for everyone- even a sweet school teacher!

5. A yellow and black Camaro just isn’t complete unless accompanied by a Transformers reference. Many would agree that Bumblebee owns the car/color combination and was a great idea for Chevrolet’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial. With an entertaining reaction to the mascot’s attempt at “damaging” his exterior, Bumblebee puts on a great show, then quickly converts back to the sleek, appealing form of the Chevy Camaro. Note to self, unless you want to get tossed in the air, treat your yellow and black Chevy Camaro with kindness!

Keep an eye out for this year’s always entertaining Chevrolet commercials during the 2015 Super Bowl. Who knows, maybe you will see them recapped on next week’s post!

Best Gifts for the Motorhead on Your List

It’s the giving time of year but you may feel a bit lost on what to get the Chevy fanatic in your family. Lucky for you, Chevrolet accessories come in all shapes and sizes and can be found online or at Freeway Chevrolet. Here is a collection of our favorite Chevy and auto gifts for the season.


Driving Gloves/ Chevrolet Apparel-If you live in a cold climate you know the importance of keeping your hands toasty warm while steering for comfort and safety. A nice pair of driving gloves makes a great gift for even the most amateur driver out there. Live in a climate that stays sunny and warm year round? Chevrolet has numerous t shirts and hats for both males and females to represent their various car models.  If you are looking for something a bit more luxurious, check out the Chevrolet watch partnership with Fossil featuring sleek and sophisticated designs


Sunglasses-Fight snow and sun glare with a new pair of Chevrolet sunglasses. UVA and UVB rays can still harm the eyes during overcast and winter weather, and harsh glares are a safety hazard. Chevrolet sunglasses range from every day to designer so you are sure to find a pair that fits your price point and style. Look for the swivel sunglass tower on the counter in our accessories department.


Automatic or Hands Free Adapter-Is your gift recipient obsessed with driving data and diagnostics? Opt in for an Automatic, a cool little device that connects your car to a smart phone through a standard diagnostic port. The gadget monitors engine health and notifies you about any internal trouble. It also sends driving feedback tracking rough breaking, speeding, rapid acceleration as well as a trip timeline. If that isn’t enough Automatic can notify emergency personal in case of an accident, as well as help you find your parking spot.Maybe your loved one owns an older Chevy without Bluetooth capability. If so, pick up a hands free adapter device that will pair their smart phone and car speaker to allow hands free calls and voice commands to their smart phone.


Coffee Table Books-Revel in the history of Camaros or Corvettes with a coffee table book. Beautifully shot photos will be appreciated by all car fans alike and allow your recipient to own virtually every edition of the car. While it may not be a gadget, a nice book is hard to replace with a newer version, and compatibility standards are not an issue. Simply put it on your table, in a bookshelf, or by the bed and its ready to read.


Colored gear shifter- Got a manual driver in the house? Add a touch of color to the interior of their car with a certified Chevy gear shifter. Find the color match to their cars exterior, or mix and match with a complementing hue. They are sure to feel like a pro driver when holding on to one of these; best of all they won’t go out of style and will last the life of the car!

Car care kit- Long time car fanatics will most likely already own a well-stocked car care and detail kit but chances are newbies are in need of essential supplies. You can either be creative and put together your own kit, or purchase a bundle complete with wash, wax, sprays, and more. If your recipient is well versed in car care, add a polisher or buffer to their kit and take their detail job to the next level. Don’t have time to put together a set? A gift card or IOU for a detail job will always be graciously welcomed by any car owner, expert or not.


Signs- Every man cave, lady lair, or garage can be improved with some classic Chevy tin signs. From vintage styles, to road sign clones, you can find a variety of signs in our dealership accessories department or online.

Don’t find yourself caught in the dust as everyone else revs towards the holiday season.  Find a great selection of Chevrolet accessories and gifts at our dealership’s parts department.

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado


The reintroduction of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado couldn’t come at a better time. Many of the top automotive companies including Chevrolet are introducing new midsized crossovers, a kind of shrunken SUV meant for tight city parking and crowded streets without compromising space. It only makes sense that a smaller pickup should be put on the market for customers wanting something a bit smaller with increased fuel efficiency without sacrificing a handy bed and towing capability. The 2015 Colorado not only fits these demands but offers more.

The smaller pickup features smooth lines compared to its older and bigger brother the Silverado. A swooping cab and rounded grille softens the look but maintains a rugged feel. The frame is made from high strength steel and alloys allowing a light but ridged structure.  In the case of a crash,  the Colorado automatically shuts off the fuel pump, unlocks doors, and turns on hazard lights.  Chevy has put together five exterior accessories packages to further customize the Colorado to fit the lifestyle needs of the driver. Whether it is being used for adventuring, as a commercial vehicle, or as a daily drive, there is a package to maximize the trucks benefits. From the exterior the 2015 Colorado looks like a truck, but the interior resembles a roomy and spacious sedan. Triple sealed doors and thick side glass reduce outside noise, while easy to clean leather or standard cloth seats offer ultimate comfort and support for every ride. Enjoy hidden storage throughout the cabin and under the rear seats.

Choose between either a 2.5L I-4 or 3.6L Vg engine under the hood. A 2.8L Duramax Turbo-Diesel will be offered early next year, a first for any mid sized pickup in North America. An EPA estimate 26 MPG highway is best in class  due to direct injection and a declaration fuel cutoff during breaking to maintain efficiency. The Colorado can tow up to 7,000 lbs and carry 1,590 lbs with 305hp and 269 lb/ft of torque. An available 6-speed automatic transmission is available with tow mode to help minimize shifting while carrying heavy loads or towing a trailer. For off road enthusiasts, the Z71 Off Road package is available to increase stability and comfort on multiple terrains. Automatic locking rear differentials maintain control in the event of poor traction due to water or mud.

High-tech features set the Colorado apart from competitors like 4 LTG high speed WiFi from OnStar, Chevrolet MyLink for information and smart phone compatibility, OnStar for emergencies, and navigation and rear vision camera to make driving a bit easier and safer.  New safety technology like forward collision alert and lane departure warning uses smart cameras to scan traffic and surrounding vehicles to reduce collisions.

To  browse our selection of 2015 Chevrolet Colorado’s or ask further questions, please stop by Freeway Chevrolet.

Chevrolet Silverado is 2013 most stolen truck


The Chevrolet Silverado is considered the most stolen truck of 2013 as well as the most stolen domestic brand vehicle. Precautionary measures can be taken to ensure your truck stays safe whether you’re at home or out and about.

Common Sense- this includes locking your vehicle each time you leave it unattended, parking in well-lit areas, and removing any valuables from sight. Professional car thieves may steal for various reasons; trucks are a target for the fact they may be carrying expensive tools. Consider leaving any tools at home when not in use. Get in the habit of carrying your car registration in a wallet or purse verses leaving it in the glove compartment.  If a thief is pulled over for reckless driving they will not be let go without proof of vehicle registration. Finally, do not hide spare keys around or in your car. Key hiding spots are no secret and are the first place a thief may check for easy access into any locked vehicle.

Technology- The more technologically advanced cars become, the harder they are to steal. Most cars with a built in navigation system will also have GPS tracking that allows police to easily find where the stolen vehicle is. Consider upgrading to a trim level with navigation when you purchase a new car. Other advanced safeguards include security systems and alarms that range in price.

Physical Locks- Physical locks are an inexpensive way to add another layer of protection to your car. These locks come in various shapes and sizes and can be used to lock wheels, disconnect the gas or braking systems, lock the gearshift, lock tires, and even lock the hood. If you plan on leaving your vehicle unattended and outside for an extended period of time, consider investing in a physical lock or disabling parts of your vehicle.

Take precautions when leaving your Silverado unattended and avoid being part of the car theft statistic. For more information on the Silverado truck line or other Chevy vehicles stop by Freeway Chevrolet

2015 Chevrolet Trax, Re-imagining The Compact SUV

The 2015 Chevrolet Trax is finally making it to Freeway Chevrolet dealership lots this fall. The compact SUV, already sold in Mexico and Canada, is built on the Gamma SUV platform, which also underpins the Opel Mokka and Buick Encore.

The Trax is short at 168.5 inches, has an average width at 69.9 inches,  but tall 65.9 inches. These dimensions give the Trax a large amount of interior and cargo space, even with the tiny footprint.

The Trax is positioned against a slew of recent entrants into the mall-SUV market that include the Kia Soul and Nissan Juke. The segment prioritizes versatility and affordability; so don’t expect to tear up the track.

A 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines powers the 2800-pound 2015 Trax. Power is sent to the front wheels, though all-wheel drive is an option. Chevrolet claims the Trax can reach 60 mph in 9.1 seconds with an EPA-rated 26 city and 34 mpg highway rating for the front-wheel model. The only transmission is a six-speed automatic.

While the Trax is aiming for affordability, it does so while offering a slew of great new technologies. The Trax will offer Chevrolet’s 4G LTE service, multiple USB ports and Wi-Fi hotspot capability. Siri Eyes Free capability and Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system and touch screen are also available.

Standard is a backup camera, multiple storage areas and remote keyless entry. Safety is a priority for the 2015 Trax, offering more airbags than its competitors.

The Trax will come in three trim levels, LS, LT and LTZ monikers. The differences between the trims are mostly cosmetic in nature. The LS is fitted with 16-inch steel wheels, while the LT is upgraded to 16-inch aluminum wheels. The LTZ comes with 18-inch aluminum wheels.

Slipping inside, seat materials and trim on the dash and doors differ from trim level to trim level. Price hasn’t been finalized, but is expected to come in below $20,000.

For more information, visit your Phoenix Chevrolet dealer today.

Getting the best rate on a car loan

best-rates (1)

Before you even come to Freeway Chevrolet, it’s a good idea to understand your credit and how it may affect the next car you buy.

To get the best rate on auto loans, you need to have good credit. Lenders look at your credit history to determine how much – or how little – risk you pose to them when you borrow money. Your credit score gives them a good idea of if you can be trusted to pay a loan back in a timely manner. The higher your score, the more trustworthy you are in their eyes and the lower interest rate you’ll have to pay. If your credit score is poor, the lender can charge you higher interest or not even offer you a loan at all!

Unfortunately, many car buyers don’t think about their credit score until they are on the lot, shopping for a vehicle. This isn’t the time to wish you had a better credit score, as it can take months to improve. Your best bet is to always be mindful of how your financial decisions impact your credit score and always be working to get – or keep! – a higher credit score.

You can only make a plan for getting better if you know where your credit stands now. You can pull your credit score for free once a year, but in order to see your credit score (also known as the FICO score), you’ll have to pay about $20 per credit bureau. There are three credit bureaus lenders use to get your credit information. A great resource is Avoid “free credit report” sites as they typically don’t share the scores your lenders will use. If your FICO score is 760 or higher, you’re doing great! Below that and you might want to work toward improving.

Once you’ve pulled your credit reports, you will want to double check them for errors including fraudulently opened lines of credit and payments incorrectly marked as late. Fixing this with your lenders is the first step to better credit. More than a third of your credit score is based on your credit history (were your payments in full? Were they on time?). Paying back any missed payments will give you the opportunity to reach out to the credit card company and ask if your account can be adjusted to show no late payments.

The remainder of your credit score is based on the amount owed, the length of your credit history, if you’ve recently opened a new line of credit and the types of credit you have. Taking all of these factors into account help keep you mindful of your credit score.

Knowing your credit score before you begin vehicle shopping allows you to get rate quotes from various auto lenders. It also helps you better understand what your budget is for a new or used car. It’s easy to be pre-approved for a loan at Freeway Chevrolet. Learn more about auto-financing and pre-approval before you come in to test drive!

Chevrolet Introduces 4G LTE, In Cars This Summer

With mobile data usage on the rise, and far from subsiding anytime soon, it was only a matter of time before automakers began turning their cars into mobile data hotspots.

We’ve all been listening to a streaming radio service when it would have to buffer, totally killing the mood on any morning commute. Mobile data usage is only going to increase and Chevrolet is on the cutting edge of offering its customers the best service possible.

Chevrolet, which announced plans to rig 4G LTE wireless connections to its cars last year, has finally detailed which 2015 models will receive the new, exciting technology. Expect the entire new Chevy inventory to offer 4G LTE in the coming years.

Chevrolet also introduced a suite of new apps at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that work in unison with the 4G LTE in-car technology. For the latest on Chevrolet and its 4G LTE network, visit Freeway Chevy today.

AT&T will be providing the wireless connectivity. The 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Malibu and Chevrolet Volt are the first to receive the connections. The Equinox, Silverado and Spark will follow shortly thereafter. You can check the latest new Chevy inventory by stopping by our exquisite showroom.

The connection, which doesn’t require a mobile phone for Internet access, opens up a host of technological possibilities.

Also unveiled was the creation of the AppShop. This is a store filled with widgets deigned specifically to be downloaded to the car. Some apps shown include NPR, The Weather Channel, Slacker Radio and others. Even though the apps are free, users will need to sign up for a data plan.

Thanks to the apps living within the car’s infotainment system, Chevrolet says there should be fewer user-experience headaches. This new technology could eventually allow cars to easily communicate to each other for a slew of cool possibilities and traffic management.

For more information when you can buy a 4G LTE Chevrolet, contact Freeway Chevy today.

Chevy’s College Discount Program Earns an A+

Optimized-college (1)

College students know how to pinch pennies. Ramen noodles, dollar draws and hand-me-down futons are commonplace at colleges and universities nationwide. And when your Dad’s old sedan that you’ve been driving since freshman year finally gives out after dozens of road trips and hundreds of thousands of miles, the cost of a new car can be terrifying.

Luckily, Chevrolet offers a discount program on new vehicles for current students and recent grads to keep those hard-earned dollars where they belong – in your wallet! The discount program even covers graduate and nursing students and recent graduates, which means new professionals and non-traditional students can take advantage as well. Eligible buyers are anyone who can show either current enrollment in an associate, undergraduate, nursing or graduate degree program OR supply a diploma dated no more than two years prior from an associate, undergraduate, nursing or graduate degree program.

The discount program applies to most new 2013 or 2014 model-year Chevy, GM and Buick vehicles. The total of your discount will vary. It is the total model and options invoice amount on all eligible GM vehicles plus destination fees and a $150 program fee. It’s listed on the vehicle invoice as “SUPPLR” – just ask your sales associate at the Chevrolet dealership to show you. In most cases, this discount can be applied on top of current incentives and it can also be combined with the GM Mobility program for adaptive equipment.

Freeway Chevrolet proudly participates in this discount program, so when you come in to take a look at vehicles and find the one that’s the best fit for you, please tell the dealer. We’re happy to help current students and new grads find a perfect new car and ensure you get the discount you deserve. Being a frugal college student doesn’t have to mean settling for a used or unsafe vehicle.

dealer of the year

Freeway Chevrolet has been recognized as one of General Motors “Deal of the Year” award winners.  Dealerships are awarded based on superior sales volume, up to date facilities with well trained technicians and mechanics, and high customer service ratings.

To win the award, the dealership must meet or exceed three qualifiers.  The dealerships Retail Sales Index must be reported as 100 or higher by year end. In addition, the dealership is based upon Purchase and Delivery and Service Satisfaction CSI survey questions. These represent customer satisfaction and potential willingness to recommend to dealership based on a comprehensive look at the retail experience. The final qualifier is to meet or exceed a Dealer Parts Loyalty 12month Object of 75%. This is based on the percentage of customer pay and internal repair parts that are recognized as GM or ACDelco parts. Using certified GM parts are important for car safety and customer satisfaction: the higher the percentage, the better the dealership and customers are committing to using GM and ACDelco parts.

This honor was awarded to 50 dealership s in the US with only two in Arizona. Congratulation’s Freeway Chevrolet on your achievement and keep up the good work!

2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Named North American Car of the Year

For 2014, the Chevy Corvette is all new and available at Freeway Chevy. There are performance upgrades, a nicer interior and an exotic exterior design that heralds in the seventh generation of the Chevrolet Corvette. All of the hard work from the men and women at General Motors has earned the Corvette the coveted North American Car of the Year award.

Raking in 211 points from the 49-member jury, the Corvette virtually swept the competition—and for good reason. While the other two competitors are spectacular cars, they just couldn’t amass the votes to win.

Packing up to 460 horsepower and offering a sub four-second 0-to-60 sprint, the 2014 Corvette is a performance beast. For a mere $52,000, which isn’t chump change, but still cheap, you can have a car that performs against competitors twice its price.

With a seven-speed manual shifting the gears, the Corvette has a top speed of about 190 mph—plenty of speed to have a license or two revoked.

The interior of the 2014 Corvette is where the engineers and designers really excelled.

In the previous-generation Corvette, the interior was a hard sell for many people. When compared to its competitors, the Corvette had the interior of a car 10 years older than it actually was. Cheap plastic pieces were everywhere. The seats were lackluster, and many had a hard time justifying spending money on a car that felt cheap on the inside, regardless of performance.

For 2014, all that has changed. The Corvette has an interior that exudes opulence and functionality. It finally feels like the interior of a true, modern sports car. Soft leather wraps the dash. The seats hold a driver firmly in place and in comfort. The instrument cluster is modern and technologically advanced for the segment.

The exterior is still unmistakably Corvette. While the lines have gotten sharper and the signature, round taillights are now gone, the Corvette looks like a modern sports car all around. It’s a car no longer fit for the retirement community parking lot. Corvette has had a problem with its customers being more from the AARP market, but now they have a car that everyone wants in their driveway. To get your 2014 Chevrolet Corvette, visit your area Phoenix Chevrolet dealer today.